KUZYK Diary | Our Atelier: by appointment

September 2, 2022 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

Our atelier in downtown Los Angeles is where the creative magic happens. It’s where you’ll find me sketching ideas for a new collection, cutting patterns, or embroidering a last-minute detail on a suede jacket. Carefully curated racks of handcrafted garments fill the atelier as the familiar scent of leather wafts through the industrial studio space. Sewing machines and rolls of textiles abound. It’s a deeply intimate space, where the design process itself takes front and center stage.

For the past year, we have been inviting our private clients to shop the collection in person—to experience the craftsmanship first hand. In the atelier you’ll find everything from the cowhide Bobby Jacket and the Debaun Kimono, a reinterpretation of an archive kimono from the 1800’s to the gold snake embossed Mick Skirt and the raw denim Lilly B Dress.

We would love to invite you into this intimate space. Reserve your atelier appointment here