KUZYK Diary | Keith Haring and Overcoming Resistance

Oct 21, 2020 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

I picked up the illustrated children’s book The Boy Who Just Kept Drawing, written by Keith’s little sister Kay Haring, just when I needed it. I love it when that happens.

Kay describes Keith just as the title says—a boy who just simply kept drawing. Kept going.

Keith Haring was the kid who doodled on the sides of his test papers in school, got in trouble, but just kept drawing. In his backyard club house, Keith drew symbols and said each one represented a letter of the alphabet. He turned down money for his art as a young artist; he just wanted to keep drawing. That’s all.

Keith reminds me to keep expressing. Find flow in expressing. Make myself at home in that flow state. It’s where I belong. Where we all belong.

Keith did not let resistance, or fear stop him from doing what makes him shine. Where he finds flow. He chose love. He chose to keep drawing.

I live with resistance. Every damn day. I believe we all do. Sometimes it is loud. Sometimes it is kicking and screaming inside of us, trying to take the wheel.

Resistance is going to be there. And that is okay. It is natural. If we relax, resistance relaxes too.

Our responsibility to ourselves is to notice resistance, not push it away. Accept it will be there. It is natural. But resistance does not have the power to cast a vote on the direction of our lives.

Instead, we can choose to put our energy into staying open, staying curious, trying new things, follow what makes you light up, and keep doing that. Keep drawing.

Notice fear. And choose love.

Choose curiosity, own our messy-ness.