KUZYK Diary | Flow and Letting Go

Nov 21, 2020 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

I have been focusing on the ability to detach from my mind and my thinking, to enter a state of creative flow. I find flow when I let go. Only in letting go absolutely can I step out of my comfort zone, push my creative limits and innovate.  I believe we are intuitively receptive to new ideas. As if those ideas are floating above us, waiting to land when we are ready. 

I am inspired by artists and musicians who flow through different genres to create authentic and revolutionary work. Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith- each of them expresses a sense of play and exploration through writing, music, poetry and performance, breaking barriers and jumping from one form of expression to another.

A successful day, to me, is one where I find myself in flow. When my mind is a sponge. When I stay curious.

I once heard creativity described as a jump rope- and I always want in. 

These days, to get there, I am practicing letting go. Of expectations, outcomes and results. I am embracing compassion and making plenty of space for creativity and imagination to come in.

Really, all I want is to feel free from my mind.