KUZYK Diary | Be Water

Apr 2, 2021 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

“Empty your mind. Be formless like water.”

- Bruce Lee

Movement drives my creative process. Movement allows me to notice resistance, let it go and become fully present to the flow of ideas. I am fascinated by the grace and beauty of martial arts, specifically the work of Bruce Lee. His words and teachings are as eloquent as his practice. I consider him to be a visual philosopher, and follow his philosophy of detachment and creative problem-solving through movement.

Through stillness and being fully present, he did not exhaust himself attacking his opponent. Instead, he was able to redirect what was coming his way, mastering his own sense of power. By training his body to react differently than what it is naturally inclined to do - tense up in a moment of danger - he was able to approach his opponent relaxed and in touch with all his inner resources.

In real life, I can practice detachment, and I find movement is a great, reliable tool. By being aware of my body, and the energy within, I can direct my attention inward, and choose where to lead it. This practice of letting go of the outcome, and releasing the grip on the future redirects us into the here and now. And by being ‘here’ we are able to collect new experiences that lead us to grow into wiser individuals.

“Running water never grows stale. So you’ve just got to ‘keep on flowing’.”

- Bruce Lee