KUZYK Diary | A Glorious Commotion

Feb 26, 2021 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

I believe everything in life is practice, and a series of actions. What we believe continues to show up in our lives. At this stage of my life, with all of it’s uncertainty, I find myself falling often into a pattern of fear. For me, it’s a daily practice to notice fear without fighting it. To accept it. When I feel fear, I take it as a cue to slow my body down. To simply do what I’m doing while doing it. When I relax, fear relaxes too.

I love the concept of Combinatory Play, a phrase first coined by Einstein. The concept is simple: open one mental channel while engaging in another. Einstein would spend hours playing the violin when he was struggling to solve a math puzzle, and after practicing enough sonatas, he could often find the answer he needed.

Combinatory play feels like its own little life hack for me. When I pick up something else and just play, my problem or worry manages to sort itself out. The actions we take can be big or small, it’s the shift that inspires the change.

When I am stuck, I turn to action and play. With zero attachment to the outcome or the result. 

The intention is to feel like a glorious commotion. Dancing, writing, painting, singing in the car, whatever it takes.

From this place of freedom, ease and inspiration find their way back to me.