KUZYK Community | Langley Fox

August 28, 2021 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

KUZYK Community Series x Langley Fox

How did the pandemic spur your creativity? How did you overcome past fear and inhibition?

The pandemic allowed me to face my fear of painting that I've wanted to overcome for a decade now. Going into quarantine was the most ideal time for me to sit down and battle the ever-so-daunting medium of oil paints.

What is your current creative process? How has it evolved since you began painting?

I tend to cultivate my best ideas while walking, that I do religiously every day with my dog. Painting is the first time I've created pieces fully 100% my own, from coming up with the concept to formulating the visual photograph and putting that onto canvas. I've always loved making photographs I admire into my own drawings but this feels like an artistic leap in terms of telling my own personal story.

What gives you strength?

Nature and walking gives me the most strength to overcome my own mental battles. It allows you to come out of yourself and realize that your issue isn't as big as you're making it out to be. I've also found painting to be a new way of digging out the darkness within and making it into something beautiful and not worth fearing.

Who do you consider your heroes?

My father, whom passed in December 2019 from cancer, will forever be my hero.

What do you wear when you paint?

I often start out in my normal clothes and always regret that decision and have to change to a black t-shirt and some workout shorts or sweats.

What role do clothes have in your life? Has this changed over time?

I've always been drawn to vintage clothes, but for everyday wear my favorites are a great pair of wrangler or Levi vintage jeans, a solid pair of black boots, and the perfect t-shirt that's on its last legs. I also enjoy how an outfit can make you feel, especially when dressing up. It's the perfect armor for how you see yourself or how you want to be perceived by others.

What is it about KUZYK that you respond to as a brand?

I feel like KUZYK reflects that workmen's wear vibe I love but with good fabrics and craftsmanship.

What do you love about driving the road to Idaho?

My road trip to Idaho is my favorite time. It’s like driving away from all your anxiety, your mind is just on the open road and you feel free finally knowing that on the other end of this vast, expansive journey lies everything I love, which are nature, forests, and connecting again to what matters.

What is something you are looking forward to?

I am looking forward to my first solo art show at Melet Mercantile’s space in LA in the beginning of October. It’ll be my first time sharing my paintings and I couldn’t be more grateful to Bob Melet and Meredith Kahn for helping me set up this new exciting adventure!