KUZYK Community | Brie Welch

Apr 30, 2021 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

KUZYK Community x Brie Welch

What drew you to dance? When did you start dancing?

I started dancing at age three, couldn’t tell you what drew me to it, but I am forever grateful for my mother enrolling me.

What kind of dance did you start with?

The foundation to all dance, ballet, of course.

Can you describe how you express yourself through movement?

Always was very quiet, but with a burning light inside that shone enough to catch the right people. Dance was the language with which I was able to express myself. Feel the most free, honest, and delighted.

Describe the role dance/movement plays in your life.

Use movement daily - part of my morning routine. Also like to use it in styling, it’s good to see how clothes move and the different shapes that can be made for an image.

What is a quote, phrase, word, theme, that you turn to? It might ground you, put you at ease, or bring you strength.

Confidence is the by-product of past performance.