Film Club

Jul 03, 2021 | Elizabeth Kuzyk

I started the Kuzyk Film Club in the early days of the pandemic, as a means of connection with friends and a shared experience. To me, movies are a source of exploration: an experiment of uncovering something unfamiliar and new. I love showing up at a theater* with no expectations and having my world completely opened up. I think the best quality of art is bringing people together, as well as the opportunity for transformation, to feel differently, to learn and to share. I have been on a music through movies kick—and I’ve chosen movies that teach me and wake up something inside me, like Amazing Grace, Wattstax, and the iconic Muscle Shoals. Welcome to the club. I hope you enjoy the selections, and I’m so glad you’re here.



*Now that they’re open again—New Beverly Cinema, Film Forum, and Le Champo are my go-to favorites.