Three Looks with Elizabeth Kuzyk

Coat, KUZYK: The Holland Coat; Slip Dress, vintage from Melet Mercantile; Boots, Saint Laurent; Sweatshirt, Elizabeth’s brother’s; Hat, APC.

Not only does Elizabeth Kuzyk have an innate sense of style, she allows us all to own a bit of her style with her luxury brand based on craftsmanship and timelessness essentials, KUZYK. You could toss any of her pieces atop a pair of Levi’s or a floor length dress and they would have the same effect — an instant “elegant-cool” factor (as Elizabeth says). Take a peek at Elizabeth’s style and hear about the inspiration behind her brand…

How would you describe your style?

Timeless, effortless, minimalist, elegant-cool.

Can you tell us a bitt about your eponymous brand and where the inspiration came from to launch KUZYK?

I consider myself a very curious, observant problem solver. I saw all these exciting brands emerging and I took note that the timeless, legacy pieces were disappearing. I wanted to re-introduce wearable luxury. Quality craftsmanship and elegant, timeless design that stands the test of time. And simply work with anything. Whether it is worn over your favorite workout clothes or slip dress, these pieces enable you to channel your inner cool kid.

As a designer, I have always been drawn to bold pieces that are synonymous with effortless strength. Amelia Earhart’s leather jacket that pushed boundaries. Or James Dean’s leather jacket that embodied the timeless ‘cool kid’ look. Pieces that allow someone to embody their power. I turn to the style of rock icons like Patti Smith, the playful nature of Lauren Hutton and couples like Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg or Bianca and Mick Jagger who might swap clothes and abandoning the ‘rules’ of fashion.

You toss on a KUZYK piece for that immediate push of confidence. These pieces become your security blanket. Your personal superhero cape, ready for that special occasion or simply tossed over pajamas for that midnight ice cream run. As we move forward, KUZYK will stay true to our mission of iconic, timeless pieces- the essential staples of your wardrobe. Women look into their closet full of clothes, with nothing to wear. They reach to the same 10% of pieces sitting in their closet. KUZYK is catering to the world of that 10%. We will expand into core staples. Currently working on playful dresses to twirl and dance around in and utilizing spare leather in a line of unique accessories.

The intention behind my design has and will stay the same– the push of confidence, encouraging you to own your full potential.

Who do you see as the KUZYK woman? How would you describe her?

The KUZYK woman cares about fashion and style as a form of communication to express identity and creativity. The KUZYK woman is a woman with a purpose. She is quietly confident and independent. She is unapologetic and low maintenance. She is fearless, she is brave and she is strong. The KUZYK woman is a free spirit. She expresses her laissez-fair demeanor through personal style, capturing the timeless ‘cool girl’ look. She is willing to invest in quality, timeless pieces. The KUZYK woman does not follow trends. She is self-assured and cannot be bothered to worry what people think of her.

Finish this sentence, “bury me in…”

Bury me in warm sand with a good book.

Jacket, KUZYK: The Bobby Jacket; Watch, Hermés.

Photos by Bogdana Ferguson