KUZYK celebrates the new modern luxury. A collection of items- outerwear, ready to wear and small objects  are designed by Elizabeth Kuzyk with a distinct motivation and intention. Each piece is created focusing on quality and craftsmanship, and carries its own story. The result is less product and more authenticity- garments that empower, endure and are made to last a lifetime.

  • KUZYK Woman

    The KUZYK woman is discerning. She has a quiet confidence and a free spirit. She looks for brands that align with her world views and values and uses fashion and style as a tool for self-expression. She appreciates quality and artistry and is drawn to items based on spirit and emotion.. She is independent and well traveled; her style is self-assured and brave. She is willing to invest in long lived pieces that will carry her through.

  • Craftsmanship

    Celebrating American craftsmanship is at the heart of Kuzyk, as is the idea of slowing down and being an antidote to mass produced fashion. Careful consideration was made when deciding on production, specifically the sourcing of materials and factories to maintain and align brand integrity and values. To that end, Kuzyk has partnered with several family owned and run businesses based in New York City’s garment district and Downtown Los Angeles producing items in small and measured quantities.

  • Materials

    All suede and nubuck leathers are produced using a buffing process, which creates the smooth velvet-like surface of the leather. Buffing leaves a nap of small fibres on the surface of the leather. These small fibres can sometimes come off the leather and lodge onto other fabrics or materials. It’s called ‘crocking’ and is an inevitable possibility when dealing with these types of leather.